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What is LEAP?

Leaders Education Assistance Project (LEAP) is an organization aimed at educating the Muslim Youth about Personal Finance in order to help them navigate the financial obstacles that occur in college.

The vision of the organization is to incorporate financial and leadership advice for the incoming, current college student, and the recent graduate.

Financial Literacy is not a one time knowledge gaining experience, it is a continuation of building the knowledge as well as applying it. The current status of our society and economy enforces the concept of borrowing to live essentially above one’s means. However, this norm does not depict a healthy economic life. At LEAP, we are aiming to help the future generation continuously learn financial education and apply it to their life and lifestyle for a financially healthier future.


Arthur Naseer Richards is the Director for ICNA Relief’s Hunger Prevention Program. He is also an instructor for the Arabic Language for AQL (Advocating Quranic Literacy) alongside Imam Wisam Sharieff. He is pursuing Masters in Comparative Literature after doing both Pre-law and English Literature for his Undergraduate. He volunteers with the local chapter of Al-Maghrib.

Javiriyah Ashraf is a Certified Public Accountant by profession with experience in the public accounting field with a Big 4 Accounting firm. In the community, she is involved with the local Project Downtown chapter that provides meals to the homeless.

Sabrina Rahimi is employed in the Human Resources department of a large corporation. She is an active volunteer within her community and is involved in the local chapter of Al-Maghrib.

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